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  Researchera of IMGERS conduct field research on a wide spectrum of taxa and at levels of organizaton from the individual to ecosyetem and regional scales.

       We have published over 400 papers on peer reviewed journals since 2006, including Ecology Letters、Ecology、Journal of Applied Ecology、Global Change Biology、Functional Ecology.(SCI papers from 2006-2012)

      We have also published the special issues of Rangeland Ecology and Managementand Plant and Soilin 2009 and 2011 respectively.


     Balance between facilitation and competition determines spatial patterns in a plant population. Chinese Science Bulletin. 2014. 59(13):1405-1415.

     Effects of Nitrogen Addition and Fire on Plant Nitrogen Use in a Temperate Steppe. Plos One. 2014. 9(3):e90057.

     Net ecosystem productivity of temperate grasslands in northern China: An upscaling study. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 2014. 184:71-81

     Increase in ammonia volatilization from soil in response to N deposition in Inner Mongolia grasslands.. Atmospheric Environment. 2014. 84:156-162

     A Comparison of Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices for Approximating Gross Primary Productivity of Grasslands..Rangeland Ecology & Management. 2014. 67(1):9-18

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